By: Korie Marshall

A sewer extension is underway for four properties on Cranberry Lake Road on the west side of Highway 5 in Valemount.

Valemount Council has approved a petition to extend municipal sewer service to the properties, including a new restaurant on the frontage road on the west side of Highway 5. Currently only two of the properties will be connecting to the service, and will be paying the entire cost of installing the connections.

Council says the cost of the extension would be excessive for the municipality, and the Village has been in negotiations with the property owners over funding the construction costs for the extension.

Council held fourth and final reading of the bylaw to establish a local area service at a special meeting on Friday Oct. 17th. The bylaw allows the two participating property owners to pay for the installation through a parcel tax. It includes a provision for the other property owners to connect to the system through a “latecomer agreement.” Since the two participating owners each have to pay half of the installation costs, the latecomer agreement would require the other property owners to repay a share if they want to connect to the sewer system within 15 years.

An amendment to the five year financial plan bylaw was held at third reading at Council’s Oct 28th meeting, as a public hearing needs to be held before passing any amendments to the financial plan. The amendment is needed as the initial payment for the extension will come from the Village’s surplus sewer account.