By: Korie Marshall

Valemount’s Advisory Planning Commission has recommended some changes to the Village’s zoning bylaw regarding regulations for home based businesses.

The proposed amendments categorize home based businesses as either minor, major or rural, and include regulations for short term vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts. All are considered home-based businesses, and a number of regulations for each type are outlined in a table in a report to Council at the Oct. 14th meeting.

The table outlines regulations recommended by the APC such as which zones the five home based business types will be allowed in; whether the business can be an accessory use or the primary use; whether clients are permitted on site; the number of employees allowed; whether fire inspections are required; if exterior storage is allowed; how much parking is required; whether retail sales are permitted on-site; and hours of operation.

The report says eight categories of businesses have been defined in both the zoning bylaw and the business license bylaw, and a new business license bylaw is meant to be considered in tandem with the zoning changes. The new business license bylaw incorporates most of the regulations from the 1990 bylaw, and allows the village to deny or cancel a business license if the business doesn’t abide by the bylaws or other legislation and regulations. The proposed fees for businesses are $100 per year for regular businesses and short term vacation rentals; $50 for bed and breakfasts, rural and major home occupations, and $25 for minor home occupations and street vendors. The fee for street vendors is low because they also have to pay between $200 and $800 for a permit in addition to the business license. There will be no fee for a business licence for a non-profit.

The Village is holding a public hearing on the proposed changes to the zoning bylaw on Tuesday, Oct. 28th, at 6:50, before the regular Council meeting. After the hearing, the changes are expected to go to third reading during the regular meeting. Final reading could happen at the next council meeting.