I am not a resident of McBride so am unable to vote in the civic election, however as all my shopping, health care and other services are there, I am vitally interested in the health of the village. So I would like to ask those that can to look closely at how the village has been run for the last two terms. How they got themselves elected last term (ecoTECH) and why they are spending so much money down on the disaster on the river flat. Also why they were so arrogant that they would not listen to the people who told them that M.C.F.C. has terrible logging practices so that they got the worst audit of any forest company in the province? The residents of McBride are paying higher taxes than necessary because of the job losses caused by not utilizing the forest as it should have been, and using grants and M.C.F.C. money for a sewer that there are less and less people to use, built on land in a hazardous area. Please look closely and be sure they represented your interests.

I will not vote for the current regional district representative as he let our emergency coordinator be installed in their tower in P.G. when the co-ordination should be in co-operation with the villages so that it can start in time to do some good and cost much less. By the way has anyone ever seen this person?

It would please me if we can have a much opener government who are willing to listen to their constituents. Thanks for your time.

Dave Marsh
McBride region, BC