Three short years later and we are ready for another election. Some very promising economic development projects and the progress we’ve made as a community during this time give me hope for the future. I thank our competent mayor and councillors, along with Village staff for this progress. But their job is not done, and we as a community can’t afford to interrupt this progress.

We elected Andru with an overwhelming majority in 2011 ( 255 votes to the runner’s up 101). The community believed then, and still does, in Andru’s vision for the community, his ability to stay in touch with the electorate, and his uncompromising dedication and passion for his job.
This hasn’t changed. And in addition, Andru now has the experiences and relationships from the past three years from which to draw on for future successes.

Sadly, I can’t vote because of living outside of Village limits. But if I could, these are a few of the many reasons why I’d be 100% behind Andru McCracken for Mayor of Valemount:


Andru pours himself into his job. He does not have another one. I cannot think of anyone that is as willing to put in the time and energy Andru does to work for the benefit of this community.
When he is working… he’s working (in the office, working with Village staff, attending meetings)
When he’s traveling… he’s working (talking with other communities, observing trends)
Even when he is not working… he’s working! (it seems that he spends most of his “down time” discussing politics and Valemount)

Commitment to Community

In my opinion, why a candidate is running for mayor is as important as if they are running for mayor. Andru is running for all the right reasons. He cares deeply about Valemount and is willing to work hard to make it an even better place to live and work.

He is also out in the community, and always available to discuss important issues. You’ll often see him in the bakery, brewery, coffee shop, or at events willing to hear your concerns. And if you’d rather contact him by other means, he has a facebook page, blog, email, and home phone number where you can reach him. He is as part of community as he can be and listens to the community’s concerns.


Andru’s communication style is arguably both his best and worst trait. If you’ve spent much time at community events, you might have heard Andru say something that he wishes he could take back. But he can’t. And we are all human and make mistakes. When you’re the mayor, however, someone is always there to call you on it.

On the other hand, I’ve seen Andru inspire to action an entire room of tough politicians or un-interested stakeholders. It’s because Andru is passionate about what he is talking about. Serving on the Community Forest and Valemount Ski Society boards has given me an opportunity to see first-hand how effectively Andru can discuss issues with all different types of audiences. His humour can disarm people, his empathy helps him relate to others’ struggles, and when he starts yelling and waving his hands, it’s because he truly cares.

On Saturday, November 15th, we as a community will decide Valemount’s future direction. We will decide if we still believe in the candidate we overwhelmingly supported in 2011 and enable him to continue working on some very important and promising projects. On November 15th, consider voting for Andru McCracken for mayor of Valemount.

Jared Smith
Valemount, B.C.