By: Korie Marshall

It has been at least 15 years since Terry and Jody Cinnamon and Mick Callas began organizing an annual float trip down the Fraser River. Since then, a casual drift down the river in canoes and small crafts has become a trip-of-the-year for a small group of Robson Valley fishermen.

Callas says each year, he and Terry set a day in the spring or fall that is convenient for most of the group and each of them tries hard to make it. It has become what Callas calls a “Cadillac Ride,” with the Cinnamons arranging the use of rafts from Mount Robson Whitewater, and making sure they each have an oarsman.

This year on Sunday Oct. 19th, John Crowley, Mark Cowan, Ray Thiessen, Bob Thompson, and Dave Grant joined Callas and the Cinnamons for a day of floating, fishing, cooking on the beach, and enjoying the wonders of the mighty Fraser.

“What could be finer that floating a mighty river with the majestic Mount Robson looming over you, casting into each pool as you round a corner, while sipping your favorite thirst quencher?” asks Callas. He says this year was especially memorable with the Funky Goat’s “Chef Extraordinaire” on board for the trip. Callas says Grant almost out-did himself with his fish and chips and his signature tartar sauce.

“How is it possible that we can be so fortunate as to live in this tiny piece of paradise called the Robson Valley?” says Callas.