Photos: Chris Paker

With a few lines, Bob Bossin had the entire room charmed and had their rapt attention. Bossin presented a one-man show based on his book “Davy the Punk” at the Dunster Schoolhouse on Oct. 3rd. He also presented a reading from the book, based on the life of Bossin’s father in the 1930’s and 40’s, at the McBride Library.

Some 65 residents from McBride, Dunster and surrounding areas gathered in late September to create over 700 apple pies. The fund raising endeavor is a continuing effort to assist the McBride and District Regional Library.

On Sept. 26th the Armed Forces from CFB Edmonton challenged McBride to a game of baseball and enjoyed a BBQ to benefit the McBride Food Bank, despite the blustery weather. The unit was in McBride to participate in their semi annual visit and exercises.

Every year, LDM, with assistance from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, helps a project in the Robson Valley area, with employees volunteering their time to do the work. Last year it was the underpass for the trail near Swift Creek; in previous years it was the parking area for the new boat launch at Gagliardi Park in McBride, or providing gravel for the Robson Valley Music Festival site. This year it is the Tete Jaune Community Hall. Greg Bruce from the Ministry says they’ve timed the work with the renovations of the Hall, and staff and equipment was on hand last weekend to spread gravel and upgrade the entrance to the parking lot, as well as place concrete barriers to mark the parking area, and to protect the Hall’s new septic field. Telling trucks where to put their load is Mike Frazier who, when not being the Mayor of McBride, is also the Bridge Manager for the Ministry. Running the grader is LDM’s Operations Manager for the Robson area, John Traquair.