By: Korie Marshall

There will be elections for Mayors and Councillors in Valemount and McBride, as well as for the Area H representative at Regional District, this time around.

Election Day for municipal offices and School Board Trustees will be held on Nov. 15, and there are more than enough candidates announced for each position.

In Valemount, the current Mayor Andru McCracken will run against Jeannette Townsend, who was Mayor before 2008. Current Councillors Hollie Blanchette and Sandy Salt will vie with Peter Fox, Peter Reimer and Owen Torgerson for four available Council positions.

In McBride, current Mayor Mike Frazier will run against Loranne Martin who served on Council prior to the past election. Current Councillors Irene Rejman and Rick Thompson will vie with Robert Callaghan and Allan Frederick, both of whom served prior to the last election, as well as Ralph Bezanson, Sharon Reichert and Tracy Edee, for four available positions on Council.

For Area H of Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, current Director Ken Starchuck will run against Dannielle Alan and Bryan Monroe. There will only be one other election in the Regional District: current Director Kevin Dunphy will run against Faellen Brander in Area F. Current Directors Warren Wilson, Lara Beckett, Bill Empey, Art Kaehn and Terry Burges are the only candidates in their respective areas.

The remaining seven directors to fill the 14 positions on the Regional District Board are chosen from Councils within the Regional District, one each from Valemount, McBride and District of Mackenzie, and four from the City of Prince George. Renee McCloskey, spokesperson for the Regional District says it is up to each Council to determine how to decide on their representative on the Regional District Board.

For School District 57, Prince George, 18 people will vie for seven Trustee positions. Current Trustees Betty Bekkering, Trisk Bella, Tim Bennett, Kate Cooke, Brenda Hooker and Sharel Warrington will vie with Dori Alger, Andrew Burton, Tony Cable, Valentine Crawford, Eric Depenau, Dennis Fudge, Sheldon Harris, Bob Harris, Denise MacDonald, Don Sabo, Chris Stern and Bruce Wiebe.