By: Korie Marshall

A warrant has been issued for the Camp Creek squatter.

John Robert Buehler, charged with possessing restricted firearms with ammunition, unauthorized possession of a firearm, uttering threats, obstructing use and enjoyment of property, resisting a peace officer, and threatening to use a weapon, did not appear in court on Thursday, September 4th.

Buehler was arrested on June 19th after a four hour standoff with RCMP. Police had been notified a man was living at the Camp Creek recreation site and was inhibiting access to trails with six unrestrained German shepherd dogs. The dogs along with several loaded firearms and ammunition were subsequently seized as part of the police investigation.

Provincial crown prosecutor Mike McDonald told Judge S Keyes on Thursday he had concerns the defendant might have been stuck down the west side of Kinbasket Reservoir, where he was known to be camping, since the bridge at 10 kilometre may not be passable. He had police check, and said they returned in the afternoon, reporting the bridge was passable. He says the officers say the defendant’s daughter’s vehicle was there, but neither the defendant nor his vehicle was there. The judge granted an unendorsed warrant for failure to attend court on the charges.

Tuesday morning Constable Ryan Walker said the RCMP is actively looking for Buehler. He says an unendorsed warrant means Buehler would have to see a judge after the arrest, and in a bigger centre, he would be held overnight and taken to court the next morning. In a small centre like this, he would likely have a bail hearing over the phone, and Walker says the RCMP will be recommending Buehler remain in custody. Normally that would mean he would be transferred to the regional facility in Prince George.