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Dear Editor:

As the manager of Adventure Management Ltd, the company that holds the contract with the Village to operate the Valemount Visitor Centre, I need to respond to the statement in your editorial on August 6 that says “We have a company that is selling merchandise, and doesn’t have to pay things like rent or taxes, or utility bills to the Village…” That is incorrect. Last year Adventure Management paid the Village $33,343 for the privilege of selling retail merchandise in the Visitor Centre. The amount paid is based on revenues generated (much like leasing agreements in large shopping centres). For the current operating season, which runs from May 10 to October 12, the amount that will be paid to the Village will be a minimum of $33,811.

The results of survey done by Destination BC of all British Columbia visitor centres show that, on average, 59% of the funds to operate visitor centres comes from the municipal government. In Valemount, as a result of the payments made back to the Village by Adventure Management Ltd, only 19% of operating costs come from the Village.
The contract has been put out to tender twice in the past 3 years, so was open for anyone to bid on. Adventure Management’s current contract expires in May, 2017, at which time I expect it will go to public bid again.
Thanks for the opportunity to clarify the misinformation that is circulating in the community about this contract.

Wendy Dyson, Valemount
General Manager, Adventure
Management Ltd.