Information courtesy BC Government Communications

2014 closures:
July 22 Tete Creek bridge on Shelter creek mainline washed out (behind Hauer Bros’ mill)
July 28 to August 1st 10 km Bridge on Dore South will be closed for construction
July 25 East Twin Bridge at 0.75 km NOW OPEN, construction complete.
Dore south FSR 14.5 km avalanche road remains closed, ATV traffic beyond.
June 24 Bell Mtn. Road washout at 10 km road closed, ATV access only
Canoe West FSR Now Open at 23 km heavy brush at 41 km. Suggest ATV beyond this point
Canoe East FSR 27 km Bulldog Creek construction complete, road open to 41 km. ATV access beyond that point..
Lower Goat Road closed and barricaded at 4.2 km. 4.6km bridge unsafe (washout @ 4.5km.)
Morkill FSR is open at 27.5 km 2×4 access thru washout, to 42 km were remains closed

2013 closures:
DORE SOUTH FSR 10 KM & 15.8 km ROAD CLOSED, unsafe bridges
Kiwa Glacier FSR 6.2km washout, ATV access

2012 closures
CASTLE CREEK FSR CLOSED AT , 7.95, 8.5,9.5,17,22,22.825 and 30 km. due to washouts (ATV access only)
WEST DORE ROAD (access to Ozalenka Trail) CLOSED AT 7 KM. DUE TO WASHOUTS, Closed by Carrier Lumber Ltd. Contract Adrian Van der Zwan at 250-566-4421 (Ex. 211)