Letter By: Troy Lorenz, Fraser River Landholdings Ltd.

On behalf of Fraser River Landholdings Ltd. (Fraser River), we thought it might be helpful to have the following facts in response to the questions and concerns published by the Rocky Mountain Goat on July 2, 2014.

Fraser River is committed to agriculture and wildlife conservation in the community of the Robson Valley. We, Troy Lorenz and Vince Lorenz, have deep roots in the valley and community and have family there. We are the officers of Fraser River, in part, because of our connection to, shared appreciation and respect for the valley and community. Fraser River has acquired property for the purpose of agriculture and conservation.

Since 2009, Fraser River has provided more than thirty jobs, substantially all of which went to citizens of Robson Valley. The positions range from full time employees to casual laborers and other local contractors. Additionally, we support local stores, shops, and other businesses, including Dunster Store and Dunster Community Association.
Fraser River also works with local farmers to develop agriculture on our properties. We have contracted with farmers to plant fields, and we have provided hay on shares and supplied surplus to local farmers. We have kept locals working in the valley in support of our community. In some cases, we have used our rehabbed homes and others in reasonable shape to provide living quarters for our employees.

All of our purchased properties have been and will continue to be actively farmed, maintained, and manicured. None have been left abandoned. We have made many land improvements, including turning over fields that had grown wild from previous owners.

In short, Fraser River remains committed to this valley. We have committed significant resources, including substantial dollars to the valley’s economy through jobs, work, and supplies for rehabilitation of buildings and homes, as well as making local purchases of agricultural seed, fertilizer, and the like.

Similar to other private properties, we installed locked gates, “no trespassing” signs, and cameras in an effort to limit poachers and trespassers on the properties. Without these, we would continually face problems, including poachers leaving wounded game and trespassers potentially stealing property.

Fraser River has no interest in buying the whole valley. We have been selective in our purchases. We have not bid on many properties, including those that have sold at same or similar prices. Further, Fraser River has no plans or intention of selling properties. Our only interest is continuing to work our privately-owned land and to enjoy the pristine beauty that Robson Valley affords us. We believe the community should feel not only secure but good, as we do, that one of its neighbors is willing to spend and invest money in support of the community and provide employment opportunities to locals.