RCMP open house (1)

Valemount’s RCMP gave curious spectators insights into both peril and procedure at their Open House on June 4th.

Sgt Al Steinhauser from North District Traffic Services shows the kids how you can get thrown out of a vehicle rolling over, if you are not wearing your seatbelt. The average crash happens at 50 kph, and if it is a rollover, the average vehicle rolls over 5 times, Steinhauser tells kids. The majority of accidents happen within two kilometers of your home, he warns them, so make sure to wear your seatbelt even for short trips!

RCMP open house (2)

Cpl Rodd Keen from the RCMP’s Forensic Identification Section demonstrates how fingerprinting works, and shows off some sulphur used to get a mold of a tire track in the snow – something the investigators on the CSI tv series don’t usually have to worry about.