By Laura Keil

This year 18 organizations in Valemount applied for $421,246 out of a total of at least $271,478 available from the Columbia Basin Trust’s Community Initiatives and Affected Areas program. The final amount available is contingent on the completion of projects from 2013, which may or may not be given extensions.

The program allows members of the public to “vote” on projects before an adjudication committee makes the final recommendation to council.

The public input meeting was March 13th – that’s when the community gets to see the projects planned, and has the opportunity to ask the organizations questions. After the presentations, residents rated proposals; the ratings play an important role for the committee that helps decide who gets the funding.

On this year’s adjudication committee is Bill Kruisselbrink, Rita Rewerts, Ray Mikolash, Owen Torgerson, Dorthe Flauer, Arnold Wied, and Sandy Salt, representing Council. Braden Hutchins is staff liaison, but does not get a vote on the committee.

The committee is expected to make their recommendations to Council in late March, and Council will review the recommendations and make approvals likely at either the March 25 or April 8 council meeting.

List of Applicants:

Robson Valley Spay and Neuter Society
Valemount Spay and Neuter Program

Robson Valley Support Society
The Community Heart Project

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 266
Legion Upgrade

Swift Creek Watershed Society
Swift Creek Enhancement Project – Viewing Platform and Fencing

Valemount & Area Recreation Development Association
Winter Grooming of Five Mile and Other Recreation Areas

Valemount & Area Recreation Development Association
Crystal Ridge Access Rehab Part 2

Valemount Children’s Activity Society
Multi-Age Daycare Group Room

Valemount Community Bus Society
Community Bus Safety Upgrades

Valemount Community Sports Day Association
Purchase of Marquee Tent and a Public Address System for Valemountain Days

Valemount Curling Club
Replace/Upgrade Lighting on Rink Surface with LED Lights

Valemount Entertainment Society
VCTV Council Chambers, Studio & Field Production Equipment Purchases

Valemount Gymnastics Club
Valemount Gymnastics Club Recreational Gymnastics

Valemount Lions Club
Interior/Exterior Revitalization and Fire Code Upgrades

Valemount Marina Association
Valemount Marina Boom-log Protection System

Valemount Public Library Association
Library log Maintenance and Sign Replacement

Valemount Senior Citizens Housing Society
Fire Safety Upgrades to Golden Years Lodge

Valemount Tourism Committee
Phase 2 – Cranberry Marsh Trail / Boardwalk

Valemount Volunteer Fire Department
Firework Display Certification and Annual Fireworks Display

Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association
Five Mile Road Upgrades Phase 3