Most people think us, kids, are off in our own worlds. The truth is that is correct. Every child has a certain comfort or a thought that is just relatively more appealing then the reality of their own lives. That doesn’t mean we don’t listen. Adults seem to think that we don’t experience conciseness while we’re supposed to be learning. We do. Adults sometimes seem to forget what it was like to be a kid. Learning new things every single day, grasping on to new experiences, finding everything interesting and wanting nothing more than to go out and experience the world itself. The point is that, we pick up on things. These things may be something that will help us in the future, or they may be pointless things that somehow get engraved into our fragile brains. When you’re growing up, like I am, you take notice that while you are changing, the world is as well. It’s a rather strange concept because you have to be prepared for this world of constant change that seems hard to catch up to. Everyone picks up these lessons along the way. For me, although it may seem ridiculous to you, I have learned valuable things from reading. I haven’t just learned to read larger words, or speak in a more articulate manner. When you’ve read as much as I have, you start learning the difference between ideas that get confused with each other. Books are where I learned the difference between good and evil, between life and death; they’re where I learned how valuable life and love are. Excuse my cheesiness. You may think that I couldn’t have possibly gotten that from books, because well, all the books I read are fictional. I got the basic ideas of all those things from just being alive for 12 years, but I like to think I got a picture and understanding of those things from reading as much as I do. To finally understand something that you were briefly taught, and not just to understand but, to really understand is a fantastic feeling. It’s this feeling of knowledge that is really hard to come by. The lessons we learn at my age are the lessons that make up who we are as people in the future. We are the future. We want to be amazing successful people when we grow up! We want to give everyone who taught us these lessons awesome books to read, amazing movies to watch, great songs to listen too, and exciting sports to watch! We want to be able to provide these things to the people we learned so much from. We want to succeed in what we want to do and give great things to the people who made us like this. I hope this all makes sense, I hope I’m not just babbling. Everything you learn, feel, see, today, is what is going to map out your future. Keep that in mind.

“The greatest lesson you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return,” -Moulin Rouge

By: Raquel Medina