Valemount Community Television (Channel 7/653) will be partnering with renowned Robson Valley wildlife filmmaker, Leon Lorenz, on a unique fundraising initiative to purchase a new camera for VCTV station operations.

Gord Peters, VCTV Station Manager, says they needed a camera capable of providing broadcast quality video in order to provide quality images for their programs. The camera they have chosen, a Canon XF-300, uses digital files instead of tape and has been broadcast approved by such prestigious news organizations as the BBC.

But a camera of this level is very expensive, and as VCTV is a Community TV initiative funded through tax revenues, there was no way they could afford to purchase a camera like that. That’s when they heard that local wildlife filmmaker Leon Lorenz had such a camera for sale as he had upgraded to a different camera.

Peters has been testing the Canon on numerous shoots over the past two months and says he loves the images it produces, so the station made a commitment to purchase the camera from Lorenz. The only question was how to pay for it.

“It all came together when we heard that Leon had recently released a new wildlife documentary, Wildest of the Wild, and was looking to promote it to a wider audience,” said Peters. “VCTV has recently been picked up on the Bell and Telus satellite networks and is now seen by over 1.35 million viewers across Canada. We knew that this would be great exposure for Lorenz, so we came up with a novel idea of how to raise the money to buy the camera for the station.”

VCTV will be producing a promo for Lorenz’s film, Wildest of the Wild, which contains 60 minutes of wild action. The promo video will encourage people to purchase the film on DVD through the VCTV station, with 40% of the DVD sales going directly to VCTV to help pay for the new camera.

Peters is excited at the prospect.

“It’s one of those rare situations where everyone benefits: VCTV gets to promote the work of a brilliant local filmmaker to a national audience; Lorenz and VCTV share the proceeds allowing a great new camera to be acquired for the station; and viewers get to own a stunning wildlife documentary, much of which was shot in this area.”

Lorenz film Wildest of the Wild includes rare and dramatic footage of a grizzly bear charge that received international exposure.

Lorenz says he is pleased to lend his work towards raising money for the station to purchase a camera.

“This is an excellent opportunity for me to have this film and my other six wildlife films gain more exposure to a Canada-wide audience,” said Lorenz. “And the fact that it will help VCTV upgrade their equipment makes it even better.”

DVDs of Leon Lorenz’s film, Wildest of the Wild, are available directly through VCTV at $20 plus GST. Eight dollars from each DVD sold will go towards paying for the new camera for the television station. To order, contact VCTV Station Manager Gord Peters, at 250-566-8288, or by email at [email protected].

Submitted by: Gord Peters