Andru McCracken has won Mayor of Valemount by more than 154 votes over runner-up Jeannette Townsend, with 255 votes over Townsend’s 101. Cynthia Piper received 57 votes and Murray Capstick 55. It took over five hours for the results to be announced. 468 people turned out to vote in Valemount, more than half of estimated eligible voters.

Sandy Salt (336 votes), Dallas Bullock (299 votes), Hollie Blanchette (293 votes), Christine Latimer (233 votes) have been unofficially declared as Valemount councillors. Councillor contendent John Grogan received 228 votes, just five fewer than the last elected candidate Christine Latimer.

Valemount results are posted here:


Mike Frazier, McBride mayoral incumbent has won Mayor of McBride with 188 votes. Loranne Martin received 109 votes and Al Birnie 31 votes. Raj Basran, Rick Thompson, Lori Kimpton and Irene Rejman have been unofficially declared as councillors. 328 of roughly 434 eligible voters turned out to vote.

McBride results are posted here:

Regional district director for Area H has not yet been declared.

Remaining ballots for Area H will be combined and counted on Monday, November 21. The determination of the official results for Regional District elections will be made by 4:00 pm on Monday, November 21.

2 thoughts on “Andru McCracken, Mike Frazier win mayoral seats by large margins”

  1. Congratulations Andrew,
    Also to all the new councillors .Looking forward to the “New and Fresh Idea’s” that will be coming to Valemount.Good Luck with all the new roads you are about to embark upon. It shall take lots of energy.

  2. Congratulations Andrew.
    Also congratulations to the new council members too..
    This is great news for the valley.All fresh faces at the council meetings.New directions,energy,desires,and passion.I am looking forward to attending the up and coming council meetings with a re-newed interest in loclal politic and the new directions that this village will be heading towards.Very exciting times ahead for the Village of Valemount.

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