Conflict of interest versus knowledge

June 6, 2017 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor Many organizations in rural communities have people involved who “wear many hats.” This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it shows the commitment people have to their communities, and the value […]

Community continuity

May 22, 2017 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor I had an interesting conversation this week with someone from Dome Creek. The person is involved in the business community and spends time in all of the valley’s towns and villages. […]

Weeding out the naysers

May 14, 2017 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor The Canadian Liberal government is set to legalize marijuana on July 1, 2018, ending a 94-year-long prohibition on the plant. It’s about time, but it’s also time to de-stigmatize its use. […]

Candidates forum sheds light

May 6, 2017 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS RMG Editor The All Candidates Forum in McBride was very disappointing. I speak in reference to the candidates, not the forum itself. Thank you to the McBride and District Chamber of Commerce […]

Laura Keil

Housekeeping amendment? Hmmmm

April 30, 2017 The Goat 0

by LAURA KEIL While it may appear as though local politics runs on a 3-year cycle, each municipality has a long-term planning document. It’s called an Official Community Plan (OCP). Municipalities are encouraged to completely […]

Give us a sign

April 23, 2017 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor I visited the coast this past week, and it was amazing. It’s a long drive back, though. Something I noticed on the way home was the lack of signs indicating Valemount […]

Election provides opportunity

April 15, 2017 The Goat 1

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor A while back, I wrote an editorial about the need for rival candidates for incumbent MLA Shirley Bond in the May election. Since then, the NDP’s Natalie Fletcher and the Green’s […]

Spring is in the air

April 9, 2017 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor The sun is out, and the mercury is rising; the birds are chirping. The snow is (mostly) gone and the roads are bare. Spring, it would seem, is here. A change […]

Valemount soon to peak

April 2, 2017 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor As the Jasper Tram Car approaches the upper station, the horizon begins to fade and the snow begins to fall. I exit and strap into my snowshoes. A slow but steady […]

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