Utility tax rate increase a good thing

November 9, 2016 The Goat 0

In a special meeting on Thursday Nov 3, Valemount Council agreed to increase water and sewer rates by something like nine percent, keeping the discount for those who pay early. The bylaws still have to […]

MCFC – ship without a sail

November 6, 2016 The Goat 0

Just think: it was only a couple of years ago that the McBride community forest was operating with a general manager and it was generating a significant income for the village over the previous years […]

sign, resign, pen, quill, nib, contract

October 30, 2016 The Goat 0

Dear Editor, Statutory Oversight and Community Forests  The Community Forest program and legislation was set up to provide the means for direct award of an area-based tenure of public forest to communities of residents within […]

Generational theft of the worst kind

October 30, 2016 The Goat 0

Dear Editor, As of July. 4, 2016, the last hope anyone under the age of 40 ever had of gaining a foothold into today’s blistering hot real estate market has collapsed. I feel particularly embarrassed […]

sign, resign, pen, quill, nib, contract

Telus taking unfair advantage

October 24, 2016 The Goat 2

I don’t know how many other people are fed up with Telus internet, but I imagine there are a few. The ultra-slow speed we receive is bad enough, but this week I received an email […]

Council snubs housing in OCP review

October 24, 2016 The Goat 1

This past week, Valemount Council passed a motion to review and update the Official Community Plan (OCP) through a “housekeeping type” amendment bylaw, rather than hiring an outside consultant to do an entire rewrite. A […]

Mayors should open ears, and close mouths

October 24, 2016 The Goat 0

Dear Editor, All over the province, taxpayers are complaining that their civic leaders aren’t listening to them. It’s happening in big cities like Surrey. It’s happening in smaller towns like Port Alberni and Oak Bay. […]

sign, resign, pen, quill, nib, contract

Valemount 2050: still charming?

October 8, 2016 The Goat 0

Dear Editor, In the last two issues of the Goat, Rebecca Lerch and Alison Kubbos wrote letters about the potential impact of Valemount Glacier Destination Resort. Lerch was concerned about the end of the community’s […]

Time to go Carbon-less

October 8, 2016 The Goat 0

Dear Editor, Last week the Department of Energy in the United States published some very hopeful data. The overwhelming surge of solar and wind energy generation in the United States has caused the DOE to […]

Reflection on resort needed

October 2, 2016 The Goat 0

I was heartened to read Rebecca Lerch’s letter to the editor last week concerning the upcoming ski hill. I admire her purity of intent, and her bravery and eloquence in expressing it. My husband and […]

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