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Oil and plastic are choking the planet

February 21, 2018 The Goat 0

by David Suzuki with contributions from Ian Hanington People who deny that humans are wreaking havoc on the planet’s life-support systems astound me. When confronted with the obvious damage we’re doing to the biosphere — […]

Community forest looks for Cedar

February 14, 2018 The Goat 0

by Andru McCracken Changes to the way the Province calculates wood prices in forests with cedar stands could help McBride’s post and rail mills get the cedar they need, said Eugene Runtz, general manager of […]

Protecting oceans is paying off

February 6, 2018 The Goat 0

by David Suzuki With contributions from Senior Communications Specialist Theresa Beer Do you remember Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak? It turns out wizards aren’t the only ones who can vanish from sight with a special coat. […]

Letter: Missed the point

November 26, 2017 The Goat 0

Re: Lynn Perrin letter Nov 16th edition Good work, Lynn Perrin, for following the actions of Kinder Morgan so closely, and I understand your frustration with the complaint process, the NEB, etc. But I think […]

Stoked on solutions part 4: Burning cleaner

November 24, 2017 The Goat 1

This series examines Valemount’s air quality problem in detail, the impact on people’s health, the myths about how to solve the problem, and possible solutions, from easy to far-reaching. by Andru McCracken This is the […]

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